About Dahlia

dahliagallerysg.com was started by Dahlia Leeteralee, who aspires to be an artist in this world of finance artistry. Dahlia identifies the financial market with the eyes of an artiste, using colour imagery to liken the cyclical conditions of the financial market and the evolution of such with the changing spans of colours.

dahliagallerysg.com is a true depiction of Dahlia’s growth from a budding artist, to learning the acumens of the financial industry, and finally the beautiful union of both passions and interests, to bring about the birth of dahliagallerysg.com.

dahliagallerysg.com is into massive growing in gaining foothold and traction as a financial blog, amassing keen financial market players to grow its spectrum of financial knowledge and wealth. Their key portfolio offerings seeks to mimic the artistry impression of famous painters and literates.

Dahlia holds on strong to her roots as an artist, and finds herself spending her free time in the company of her dog, while enjoying a good session of painting, ceramic crafting, textile stitching or financial reading.

dahliagallerysg.com invites a good dialogue or forum session with its readers, open to the financial expression of all. They can be reached at admin@ dahliagallerysg.com